Tuesday, February 13, 2007

A valentine.

Can't think of anyone better to crush on than Kooser; so what if I'm just one of thousands to get one of his valentine poems? No surprise that when it comes to men I have no shame ... so I shamelessly asked him to sign it. I'll be heartbroken if it really is the last ...


Went to an info meeting on the Peace Corps this evening. Not much, practically speaking, that I didn't already know, but some good stories and a couple of good contacts. Latin America is the one area where they expect you to speak the predominant language before you're sent. So I need to start taking classes again. (Though I'm also interested in Africa/India/Southeast Asia.) And I need to winnow down what my area of interest would be: Teaching English? Women's health? HIV counseling? "Urban agriculture" (i.e., gardening). They all sound great to me. But I need to get some current volunteer experience in my chosen path.

For now, though, I need to put this on the back burner and focus my energy on the Nigeria project.

There's a great collection of Peace Corps blogs here.


Speaking of feeling wanderlusty, I've put some of my Nigeria photos on my Flickr site. And June, one of my teammates, has some of hers on Flickr as well. There's a joint Shutterfly site, but I'm not sure I should share the group's login info publicly.


Krista said...

ain't no one better to crush on than cute ted kooser.

nealy said...

Ahh. I miss the Valentine's poems. But then again, I no longer have anything to do with Valentine's Day. My mom and I totally didn't celebrate it.

As for the Peace Corps, I'm glad Devin could be helpful. He's a good guy.