Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Goddess in our midst.

The mind-blowing, heart-breaking, soul-feeding Neko Case comes to the Rococo Theatre on April 3. Krista* and I are working on putting a table together. $20 a seat. Who's in?

My dream set list:

Set Out Runing
Deep Red Bells
Hold On, Hold On
I Wish I Was the Moon (despite gramatically incorrect title)
Favorite (it's a duet with Jon Rauhouse, who's the opening act, so surely they'll do this one?)
Rated X (one of my theme songs, and my favorite of her Loretta Lynn covers)
Honky Tonk Hiccups
Twist the Knife
**Mood to Burn Bridges
Maybe Sparrow
Star Witness
Things That Scare Me
Bought and Sold

I've always kicked myself for missing her in '03 (?) at Knickerbockers, a venue small enough that she could as easily french kiss the front row as sing to it. But we saw her a couple of years ago at Sokol Underground. This deep, booming, lusty voice ... then, at the end of each song, a squeakily perky "Thank you!"

And she signed my Tshirt. *girlish sigh*

*Trivia tip for Miz K (thanks, Wikipedia!) Did you know "Blacklisted" was recorded in Tucson?

**If I had to pick ONE theme song, this would be it: "So many people live in my town / Minding my business 'cause they got none of their own / They're all so happy with me now that I've done wrong / I'm surprised they don't come up and thank me"

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Krista said...

i did not know that...but all roads lead to Tuscon these days!