Tuesday, January 9, 2007

I'm embarrassed to share this.

-- edited for content --

OK, analyze this dream: I am wandering through a large, multi-storied house – apparently my house – after a snowstorm has isolated me there. I am waiting for my lover, who turns out to be some floating combination of a former boss and an adorable little Indian man who’s a friend of a friend of a friend – neither of which I’m remotely interested in in real life. We are wandering separately through this house, coming together and then losing the connection, repeatedly, until finally we are there, together, for real.

He leans in to kiss me, and as he does he’s morphed again – into Cindy Lange-Kubick.

Who I’m also not remotely interested in. Honest.

And who was one of the first faces I saw this morning. I felt so embarrassed I couldn’t make eye contact.


Miz K’s new issue of Vanity Fair has an article I can’t wait to read. “Is Nigeria the next Iraq?” the cover blurb blares. The piece focuses on the militants trying to take back the country’s natural resources from the oil industry – or at least debilitate the industry itself. There’s also a good piece on the nation’s overwhelming poverty and overpopulation in a November issue of the New Yorker. Strange how the world is starting to pay attention just as I’m about to embark on this trip – or is it I who have only begun to pay attention?


Sending love, support and a big salute to Miz N of the Big O, who is embarking on a big new journey of her own. I see great things ahead for you, darling! Will write more when I get a chance.


Anonymous said...

OK. So I was totally following your dream, for some reason recalling a dream I had once of how in love I was with David Schwimmer (someone I am totally unattracted to). And then you reached the end and I totally cracked up in unexpected laughter (my laughter and the conclussion where both so unexpected). Alright, so there goes exercise for the 'ol stomach muscles today.


podunk said...

Zee house represents your life, und zee multiple levels represents zee different vays in vich you wud like to live, und zee lover is....zee lover is...

...zee lover does not represent anything at all. That ist your honest feelings und you just can't own up to dem.