Tuesday, January 2, 2007


Out of the house (for the first time in two days) for all of 15 minutes, and I've already fallen on my ass.

I can feel a lovely bruise developing on my tailbone.

On the up side, at least I have someone to show it to later!


podunk said...

It's much safer to stay indoors and make granola, but life is purported to be more rich if you extend yourself and live on the edge. Behold the enriched tailbone, in its fearless majesty. :-)

LincolnWriter said...

My tailbone has already been "enriched" a few too many times for my taste over the past 39 years ... Clumsy, much?

Anonymous said...

Ouch, indeed! I can feel your pain. I haven't had a fall in some time, but tumbles and bruises happen often in my life.

My latest mishap, however, happened last week at my cousin's wedding: the groom's ring got stuck on my thumb. Thank God it wasn't stuck for long; however, it was stuck long enough after the minister asked for it for others in the audience to notice what was going on. Ugh!

(oh, sorry, that was me posting the other day)

Nealy :)