Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Legislating words.

A couple of good takes on the Pamir Safi trial:,8599,1646133,00.html


K & B at the Dub ...

And with the delightful addition of Miz J -- we picked her up at the O-Town aiport Tuesday evening.


In related news:

Too much is going on right now to post properlike. Miz K will be gone in two short days ... packing in last-minute fun, combined with the angst of knowing how much I'll miss that badass bitch; more dating attempts (most of them definitely misguided, others too soon to say); disturbing news from the East Coast; feeling like I haven't slept more than a few hours a night in about a week (maybe because I haven't) ... it's all adding up to an extra layer of emotions, a greasy film that won't wash off with the usual solvents. More soon. Love and peace to all -- namaste!


nealy said...

Namaste! Oh, how I miss my yoga.

I'm a bit concerned about the disturbing news and the sleeplessness and the greasy emotional film. I was totally there this past week (it's been an emotional rollercoaster). We must talk.

Love you!!

BlankPhotog said...

I too am "there..." What the shizzle?