Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Bed, book and candle.

These nights, dark already by the time I'm home, confuse my biorhythms. Only 8 p.m. and I want to drink soup, curl under an afghan, read long classic novels. And so I do. Never mind it's 65 degrees out and not all *that* dark. Practicing my hibernation skills.

Only practicing, though. Not down for the winter count yet.

Maybe now they'll make passes?

Been a long time since I got new glasses ... not sure how I feel about them yet ...

And new bling from Tsuru, the adorable new shop on 14th:

Best news of the day.

Miz K calls me all shrieking this afternoon. Turns out our idol, Neko Case, is performing in Tucson the night after I get there for my birthday visit. Are we going? Oh, hell to the yes!

Related trivia note: Which Neko Case disc was recorded in Tucson? Tell me the answer and I'll buy you a ... hmm, don't know any local-to-Tucson brews. OK, I'll buy you a tequila shot.

Worst news of the day.

Geez, take your pick:

1) Mass rapes in Congo.

2) More civilians dead due to more contractor clusterfucks in Iraq.

Or, and not at all to make light of those ...

3) The idea of me in a wetsuit, which that surfer boy in Austin intimates may be in my near future ...

Meanwhile, in Nigeria ...

The New York Times says the country's all ducky now that Yar Adua's in charge ...

Human Rights Watch, on the other hand, says Nigeria's democracy has been "hijacked" by rampant government corruption.

And peace worker Judith Asuni is still being held, without bail, on espionage charges, without being able to answer the accusations nor even know the details of the government's "case."

Quote of the day.

"When the best-case scenario is still bad, over-analyzing the situation is a waste of your time."
-- Catty Girls Advise

Laugh of the day.

Walked into the news meeting this afternoon and suddenly realized I'd had my sweater on backwards all day. Did I bother to change it? No, I did not.

New phrase of the day.

Apparently, according to my cuz in the HR biz, the term is no longer "passive-aggressive," since there's usually nothing passive about it. Now it's known as "covert-aggressive." I don't know why I like this so much. Or I do know, but I'm certainly not going to tell you.

Currently reading: "The Good Earth," Pearl Buck
Currently hearing: 12 Girls Band (goes well with the novel's China theme)


Krista said...

Neko Case recorded her third album, Blacklisted, in Tucson! i only know of one local brewery so far - Barrio Brewery. their stout was smooth.

i'm told the Neko comes to Tucson, often, which is one more reason my new town is cool as she-yit!

if free surfing lessons from a super cute bastard meant i'd have to wear a wet suit, i wouldn't hesitate. it's universally known that only one person looks good in a wet suit - surf god Laird Hamilton. granted he looks 24/7 in anything. (sigh)

Krista said...

somehow i deleted part of my comment. it should read: granted he looks amazing, 24/7, in anything. (sigh)

nealy said...

Hmm. I'm thinking I like the new glasses.

Ugh. Today I did my first solo-flight news budget. There's so much news and I only had a page today to tell it in. Awful. I'm not too excited about tomorrow's paper. All I can do is go in and try to channel you for Thursday's paper.

And the book and soup sound divine, if only it weren't 90 degrees here. One day I'll be settled and to enjoy such finer things!

Wetsuits and surfer boys? Who could ask for anything more?

Anonymous said...

The new Tegan and Sara is well worth the dinero - I like it way better than the new Rilo Kiley though that's grown on me, too, aside from a few songs (I always skip "15", "Dejalo" and "Give a Little Love").

~ Nic

Anonymous said...

Apparently these aren’t work glasses, since I haven’t seen the real thing yet.

Lincoln Writer said...

The glasses need a bit more calibration; maybe I'll wear them into the office one of these days. Mostly they're for nighttime -- I don't see as well as with my contacts, and I'm so light-sensitive and don't want to shell out for prescription shades as well ...