Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Don't let these men make your birth-control decisions for you!

Watch McCain squirm over a very basic question on women’s reproductive health rights:

McCain out of touch on birth control

Yeah, it’s kind of funny that he feels ill-equipped to comment on whether it’s right that insurance companies cover Viagra for men but not birth control for women. (Hmm, hitting too close to home there, John-Boy?)

But the reality is less amusing. In the Senate, McCain twice has voted against requiring insurance companies to cover birth control (a move that would not only improve women’s health but would benefit insurance companies as well, as it would help protect against future outlays).

And, meanwhile, he’s still riding out the storm over his old joke about women enjoying rape.

McCain Ape Rape Joke Recalled By Sources

Lovely. Yes, this is exactly who I want setting the tone for our country. Oh, and he’s for the Hundred Years’ War in Iraq, too!


From a feminist blog I've recently discovered and like, here's some more scary news on politics and women's health:

HHS Proposal Undercuts State Birth Control Laws

The Bush administration is trying to push through a new regulation allowing any health-care agency that receives federal funds to refuse to assist women with their contraception needs. Most agencies receive some type of federal money, btw.

Think of what that would mean -- for the women you know -- and, oh yeah, men, too, 'cause from what I understand it takes one of each to make a baby. Think of what it would mean for your own already rising health-care costs -- contraception is a lot cheaper than covering the health costs of pregnancy and child-raising. Think of what it would mean when the needs and values of the majority are overruled by a handful of right-wing extremists.


NewsCat said...

Hey thanks for the link to Cristina Page's HHS op-ed.

It *is* incredibly bizarre that that HHS would try to make this kind of move in the waning days of the administration.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad CNN addressed how McCain was invited to speak at Unity yesteday, but chose not to.

I did respect him as a POW, but his disregard for the media, among other things has upset me.

In words similar to those of Kanye West, John McCain doesn't care about people of color.

Oh, and Unity was great. I learned a lot, did a bunch of networking, and really got thinking about what to do next. : )