Sunday, April 27, 2008

I am not ashamed of my weekend J-Lo film festival.

Nope. Not at all. Not with all I've accomplished this weekend. And not when any movie -- highbrow or marshmallow fluff -- will be in short supply all too soon.

Last night it was "The Wedding Planner." Then "Enough." Then I went for the trifecta with "Selena." And now "Monster-in-Law" ... one of those TBS back-to-back things, so I caught the last 20 minutes and now I'm watching the beginning. Kind of like reading the end of the book first.

I can't seem to read much at all lately, front or back; rote romantic comedies seem to be the only thing that can put my spinning mind into sleep mode.

Yesterday: Went to my last yoga class (my gym membership ends this week). Gave my long-neglected house a deep cleaning ... and gave myself a fat lip in the process. Packed up winter clothes, record albums and a few other nonessentials. Worked out a Peace Corps packing list, a to-do list, and a timeline that makes me feel like I really can get everything done in the next six weeks -- including a trip to Tucson, yay! Made deals on virtually all of the furniture I'd planned to sell (still hoping someone will take the entertainment center, and my wedding ring).

So I think a little mind candy is perfectly justified.

Today I took things a bit slower. Got to see Miz Amy and Co. (too briefly) and Miz Melissa. Volunteered at the Community CROPS plant sale, which brought me another good contact once I settle into my new home. Turns out a former CROPS worker is in Peace Corps in neighboring Malawi, also in sustainable agriculture.

While my realtor held an open house, I spent a couple of hours at Meadowlark working out a list of everything I "need" to buy for the trip. At this point, I'm not only well over the PC 80-pound/two bag limit, I'd likely need a crew of sherpas to to it all for me.

On the search now for small, lightweight gifts I can bring ... little things for children, something nice for my host family. Ideas, anyone?

I'll also entertain ideas for a few books to bring along with me. Probably best to keep things light, though I don't think I can go so vacuous as the printed equivalent of a J-Lo movie. Send me your suggestions!


Anonymous said...

Hmm. Kids like little, simple things. Jump ropes. (When we made a make-shift one in Mexico, the Mennonite kids were very impressed. They'd never seen one before.) Little packages of toy things you can get at the party store. Candy. For women: travel-size lotions have always been good in each country I've been to. T-shirts for guys. Anything from the U.S. usually really goes over well.

Books (that's a hard one considering you've probably read ever book I have). Our book club just finished On Beauty. I love anything by Edwidge Dandicat. Maybe The Middle of the Night by Dan Stolar (one of my professors).


Krista said...

wow...super productive weekend! i'm so impressed! and i actually really like 'Enough''s fun to watch a woman really empower herself and then kick some ass.

great suggestions by Nealy.

on the books idea...have you thought about taking e-books? i read 'Memoirs of a Geisha" on my palm pilot while i was working in l.a. it's not as tactile of an experience, but it saves lots of space.